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1 (1935), 514–517. 3 Theorems of Differential Calculus 31 For all x, y ∈ A, where A ⊂ Rn is open, let γ : [0, 1] → A be a curve of class C 1 such that γ(0) = x and γ(1) = y, and assume that f : A → R is as above. Then 1 f (y) − f (x) = 0 d f (γ(t)) dt = dt hence 1 Df (γ(t))γ (t) dt, 0 1 |Df (γ(t))| |γ (t)| dt ≤ M L(γ) |f (y) − f (x)| ≤ 0 where M := supx∈A |Df (x)| and L(γ) is the length of γ. , the minimal connection of x to y in A, we then have |f (y) − f (x)| ≤ M δA (x, y). Consequently, we infer the following.

19 Example. , maps of the form f (x) := x0 + L(x) L : Rn → Rn linear provide simple examples of transformations from Rn into Rn . They are differentiable with dfx0 = L. 20 Example (Vector fields). A vector field in A ⊂ Rn is the datum of a vector f (x) ∈ Rn at every point x of A; it can be regarded at first glance as a map f : A ⊂ Rn → Rn , f = (f 1 , . . , f n ). The field of velocities of particles in a fluid, the electrostatic field, or the gravitational field are all examples of vector fields. Two operators acting on vector fields are particularly important: the divergence operator div f = ∇ • f := n X ∂f i , ∂xi i=1 20 1.

Polar coordinates in R2 . Dφ−1 (x, y) = 1 x2 + y 2 x −y y ; x and φ(Sa ) is R2 minus the half-line from the origin that forms an angle a+π with the positive half-line of abscissa. The inverse of φ|Sa can be written explicitly. , the angle formed by the positive half-line of abscissa and the half-line from the origin through (x, y) measured in radians anticlockwise from −π to π. 92 Cylindrical coordinates. Similar considerations may be developed for the transformation that yields cylindrical coordinates in R3 ⎧ ⎪ ⎪ ⎨x = ρ cos θ, (x, y, z) = φ(ρ, θ, z), y = ρ sin θ, ⎪ ⎪ ⎩z = z.

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