A Field Guide to Southwestern and Texas Wildflowers - download pdf or read online

By Theodore F. Niehaus

ISBN-10: 0395936128

ISBN-13: 9780395936122

Этот справочник охватывает 1505 видов дикорастущих цветов, группируя их по окраске и внешнему виду для облегчения сопоставления растений и их изображений. Книга содержит более 1500 иллюстраций.
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Extra info for A Field Guide to Southwestern and Texas Wildflowers

Example text

Biflavonoid Structures 45 (I-5’,II-5)-Biaurone HO OH I OH OH O HO 5' O 5 HO II O OH O OH Aulacomniumbiaureusidin (257) (I-2’,II-2)-Biaurone HO OH I OH O O 2' O O II OH 2 O HO Licoagrone (258) (I-α,II-α)-Biaurone OH OH O HO I O α α O II O OH HO Disulfuretin (259) OH Andrew G. Mercader and Alicia B. Pomilio 46 (I-2,II-7)-Aurone-auronol dimers OH OH O O I HO 7 2 2 OH II O O HO OH OH (I-2S)-I-2-Deoxymaesopsin-(I-2,II-7)-(II-2R)-maesopsin (I-2R)-I-2-Deoxymaesopsin-(I-2,II-7)-(II-2S)-maesopsin (I-2R)-I-2-Deoxymaesopsin-(I-2,II-7)-(II-2R)-maesopsin (I-2S)-I-2-Deoxymaesopsin-(I-2,II-7)-(II-2S)-maesopsin (260) (261) (262) (263) (I-2S,II-2R)-isomer (I-2R,II-2S)-enantiomer (I-2R,II-2R)-isomer (I-2S,II-2S)-enantiomer (I-2’,II-6)-Aurone-flavanone dimer OH HO 2' 6 O I OH OH OH O HO O II O HO Pilotrichellaaurone (264) OH (I-5’,II-6)-Aurone-flavanone dimer HO OH I OH OH O 5' HO O 6 HO II O O OH OH Campylopusaurone (265) Biflavonoid Structures 47 (I-3,II-5)-Flavanone-auronol dimmers OH HO O I HO 3 O HO 5 II HO O 2 OH OH O (I-2R,3S)-Naringenin-(I-3α,II-5)-(II-2R)-maesopsin (266) (I-2R,3S)-Naringenin-(I-3α,II-5)-(II-2S)-maesopsin (267) (I-3,II-7)-Flavanone-auronol dimmers OH OH HO O I HO 3 O HO O 7 II OH 2 O OH (I-2R,3S)-Naringenin-(I-3α,II-7)-(II-2R)-maesopsin (I-2R,3S)-Naringenin-( I-3α,II-7)-(2S)-maesopsin (268) (269) Figure 13.

Loniflavone shows a (I-4′,O,II4′) connection (233,234). Hinokiflavone series with (I-4′,O,II-6)-biflavonoids contains (I-4′,O,II-6)-biflavones (235-240), (I-4′,O,II-6)-flavanone-flavone dimers (241,242), (I-4′,O,II-6)-flavone-flavanone dimers (243-246), and (I4′,O,II-6)-biflavanones (247,248). (I-4′,O,II-8)-Biflavones were included in the Lanaroflavone series (249-251). (I-3,O,II-4′)-Biflavones were presented in structures 252 and 253; (I-6,O,II-7)-biflavones in 253a and 254; and (I-6,O,II8)-biapigenins in 255.

Mercader and Alicia B. Pomilio (I-2′,II-6)-Flavone-flavanone dimers R OH HO O 2' 6 I HO HO OH O O O II R1 OH Hegoflavone A Hegoflavone B R OH OH (198) (199) R1 H OH (I-2′,II-6)-Biflavanone OH HO O I HO HO 2' 6 OH OH O O O II OH OH I-2,3,II-2,3-Tetrahydrodicranolomin (I-2S) (200) Biflavonoid Structures 33 (I-2′,II-6)-Benzopyranobenzofuranbiflavone O O O OH 2' I OH O 6 O OH O O II OH O OH Leucaediflavone (201) Figure 8. SIMPLE BIFLAVONOIDS: (I-3,II-3′)-Biflavones, (I-2′,II-2′)-Biflavone, (I2′,II-2′)-Biflavonol, (I-2′,II-6)-Biflavones, (I-2′,II-6)-Flavanone-flavone dimers, (I2′,II-6)-Flavone-flavanone dimers, (I-2′,II-6)-Biflavanone, (I-2′,II-6)-Benzopyranobenzofuranbiflavone.

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