Friederike Moltmann's Abstract Objects and the Semantics of Natural Language PDF

By Friederike Moltmann

ISBN-10: 0199608741

ISBN-13: 9780199608744

Summary gadgets were a vital subject in philosophy when you consider that antiquity. Philosophers have defended a variety of perspectives approximately summary gadgets via attractive to metaphysical issues, issues concerning arithmetic or technological know-how, and, no longer now and again, intuitions approximately usual language. This booklet pursues the query of ways and no matter if ordinary language makes it possible for connection with summary gadgets in a completely systematic means. by means of making complete use of up to date linguistic semantics, it provides a far better variety of linguistic generalizations than has formerly been considered in philosophical discussions, and it argues for an ontological photo is particularly assorted from that in general taken without any consideration via philosophers and semanticists alike. connection with summary items equivalent to houses, numbers, propositions, and levels is significantly extra marginal than quite often held. as an alternative, normal language is quite beneficiant in permitting connection with particularized homes (tropes), using nonreferential expressions in obvious referential place, and using "nominalizing expressions," similar to quantifiers like "something." connection with summary items is accomplished ordinarily purely by way of 'reifying terms', reminiscent of "the quantity eight."

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Rather they hold of a modalized plurality in case a certain condition obtains that consists in quantification over the instances that are part of the modalized plurality. Thus, rare has approximately the following meaning, where ‘p’ is a variable for locations: (92) [rare] = ºi ºpp [RARE p xx (xx < pp & ATi(xx, p))] Kind terms as modalized plural terms need to be distinguished from definite plurals standing for pluralities of possible instances. The latter do not display the relevant readings of episodic, intensional, and existence predicates: 17 Chapter 5 will give a slightly different account of the meaning of transitive intensional verbs, making use of Davidsonian event semantics.

In this chapter, predicates with such complex multigrade argument structures will not play a role, though. ) What is striking about multigrade predicates or functors is that they can generally also combine with a plural term, which thus seems to fulfill the same function as a list: (81) a. John added those numbers. b. the sum of these numbers c. the sequence of those numbers Rather than taking such predicates or functors to be ambiguous between a plural and a multigrade version (or rather being of two different types), I will take the relation between plural term and predicate to be interpretable in two distinct ways.

John counted that sum. b. John cannot distinguish the class. The constraint in question is thus fundamentally different from familiar semantic selectional requirements. Whereas the latter allows for coercion, the former just does not. 2. Plural reference The second approach to the semantics of plurals, the plural-reference approach, takes definite plural NPs not to refer to a single entity that is a plurality, but rather to several individuals at once. On that view, the children does not stand for a single entity that is a collection of children, but rather for each individual child at once.

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