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Bargains an summary of the hot theoretical and sensible effects completed in gas-solid (G/S), liquid-solid (L/S), and gas-liquid (G/L) adsorption study.

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This time is necessary when we are interested in the thermodynamic properties of the adsorbed phase. Nevertheless, after measuring an isotherm, the following question should be answered immediately: Which isotherm equation can be applied to describe and explain the measured data? This problem may be solved by calculation the function cðPÞ defined by relationship (90):  À1 ns dns cðPÞ ¼ P dP This calculation can be made without knowledge of the specific area of the absorbent and it needs only the differentiation of an explicit function fitted to the measured points.

8. However, the numerical values of relationships corresponding to the mBH equation differ from those plotted in Fig. 8. The starting point of our considerations is again the calculation of the values of BB which meet the condition djðYÞ ¼0 dY Interpretation of Adsorption Isotherms 35 Thus, we obtain  2 wB BB ¼ YÀ1 wB À Y ð177Þ Equation (177) corresponds to Eq. (133). The absolute minimum points, corresponding to Eq. (134) are Ymin ¼ 0:3333wB ð178Þ The minima of BB , corresponding to Eq. (135) are BB;min ¼ 6:75 wB ð179Þ The values of BB which meet the condition cB ðYÞ ¼ 1 are BB ¼ 2wB À Y ðwB À YÞ2 ð180Þ Equation (180) corresponds to Eq.

121) are represented. In Fig. 6 (bottom, right) the functions Asr ðPr;m Þ calculated similar to the function cðPÞ are shown. In particular, to every value of Pr;m ¼ P=Pm calculated by Eqs. (115) and (120) are attributed the values of Asr ðYÞ, so we obtain the functions Asr ðPr;m Þ. These two types of function in the bottom of Fig. 6 characterize thermodynamically the adsorption process and thus seem to complete the uniform interpretation of the mL and other isotherm equations. The thermodynamic consistency is best reflected by the functions Asr ðYÞ and Asr ðPr;m Þ because both functions have finite values at Y ¼ 1 or at Pr;m ¼ 1.

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