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By Katja Hetterle

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This examine investigates adverbial clauses from a cross-linguistic viewpoint. in keeping with different contemporary typological examine within the context of advanced sentences and clause-linkage, it proceeds from an in depth, multivariate research of the morphosyntactic features of the phenomenon below scrutiny.

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5:Position of linker and order of V and O Fig. 6:Position of the clausal linker and clause order patterns Fig. 7:Clause order and order of V and O Fig. 8:Position of adverbial clauses Fig. 10:The Downgrading Hierarchy of Adverbial Relations (14 relations) Fig. 11:A downgrading hierarchy of postposed and flexible adverbial clauses Fig. 12:A downgrading hierarchy of preposed adverbial clauses Fig. 13:Degrees of downgrading of preposed versus postposed/flexible adverbial clauses Fig. 15:Scale of proportions of monofunctional and multifunctional adverbial linkers Fig.

2 will familiarize the reader with usage-based explanations of the typological distributions that will be drawn on in the analysis of adverbial clauses, specifically addressing functional factors (economy, iconicity, discourse function), processing, and the role of language change. 3, I will expound in considerable detail the notion of adverbial clause. 1 will provide a detailed discussion of past approaches to the notion of subordination, showing that both strictly formal and strictly functional approaches fail to meet the requirements of a cross-linguistic investigation of adverbial clauses.

I am thankful to the University of Jena for the grant that allowed me to undertake a one-year program as a visiting student researcher and to the lecturers of Dwinelle Hall and beyond, who took part in shaping this young linguist‘s ideas about the nature of language: George Lakoff, Johanna Nichols, Lynn Nichols, Sharon Inkelas, Andrew Garrett, and many others. Thanks also to Belén Flores for making my stay organizationally possible to begin with and for welcoming me so kindly and warm-heartedly.

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