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Laboratory tests determine definitely which individuals possess the ability to see well at night. " Stunting " is essentially an internal-ear problem. During and from his after rapid turnings the flier's brain is receiving impulses Nothing can control or alter the sending or receiving of these impulses. These impulses produce sensations of semicircular canals. Fliers vary greatly in their ability to interpret correctly the significance of these impulses. Experience alone enables the aviator to familiarize himself with the meaning of these impulses; motion.

It is all very well to have chosen with great care those hand-picked men who constitute our Air Force and, thanks to the enormous number of applicants, to have adhered to the highest standards in their selection. It is all very well to have medical specialists classifying fliers and determining their peculiar fitness for special branches of aerial activity. This, however, by no means marks the limit of usefulness of the Air Medical Service. The one immediate need of the military aviator in all the services of the world is an organization for his upkeep and care in actual service.

In the course of 25 to 30 minutes he lowers the oxygen content of the air in this tank to 8 or 7 per cent, which is equivalent to attaining altitudes of 25,000 to 28,000 feet. Another method of attaining the same result is by means of the diluting apparatus, which supplies directly to a mask over the face whatever proportions are desired for a mixture of air and nitrogen. All of these tests have been standardized and confirmed by the lowpressure tank, in which the air is rarefied to correspond to any given altitude.

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