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By Haynes R. Miller, Douglas C. Ravenel

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Through the wintry weather and spring of 1985 a Workshop in Algebraic Topology was once held on the collage of Washington. The path notes by means of Emmanuel Dror Farjoun and by way of Frederick R. Cohen contained during this quantity are rigorously written graduate point expositions of sure facets of equivariant homotopy thought and classical homotopy concept, respectively. M.E. Mahowald has incorporated a few of the fabric from his extra papers, symbolize a variety of modern homotopy idea: the Kervaire invariant, reliable splitting theorems, laptop calculation of volatile homotopy teams, and experiences of L(n), Im J, and the symmetric teams.

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3). 4). This relation, group. 6) of l-connected of proper is fairly complicated. 5). In this case we have (b4,b 5) 6 D 5 if b 4 6 Hom(H4,FH 2) and ~3 (9 Z 2 ~ ~3~)H2 is surjective (b~,b~) b 5 C Hom(H5,F4). 5). 7) , F4 (~,%02)~ b 5 =<05b 5 Here ~ is any map for which the diagram cok b 4 > F (<02) cok b 4 >: commutes. ) I"[3 >> H3 1%0 %03 l - " ~3 to >> H3 Such a map induces a homomorphism r(~,%0 2) by the commutative diagram 29 ~3 0 Z 2 • ~3 ~H2 >> F4 j Ir ~ ez 2 e~ ~ 2 (~'~2) ~3 @ Z2 • ~ 3 ~ H 2 >> F4 The subclass of all simply connected 5-dimensional Poincar@ complexes was recently classified by St~cker [20] .

X n) I In E xj = 0 for any pair of disjoint (Jo,Jl) • ) In the definition t < s ~ s = t"o for all with "(a| ,~oo 'an) < (b] ,o °°' b n )" i = I ..... n gives the standard tessel- In; the "tile" for subsets of a partially j C Jo' xj = i of ordered [I ..... n} for j 6 Jl } which and of dimension set we include the axiom is defined n-iJoI-[JiI "s j t and 57 corresponds to aj = I j C {I ..... n} ~ (Jo U Jl); for (a I .... B j # @" gives The following remarks ization of a simplicial respect to products if the cubic tessella- and and (ai-l)/2 T2 !

1) by " Let H be a 1-connected graded abelian group of dimension N. 4) there exists a F-system of operators associated to H such that proper equivalence classes of sequences (b4,~ 4 .... ,bN, 8N) 6 DN are 1-1 corresponded to the simply connected homotopy types with homology H. C. trivial problems: Problem (***): The solution Whitehead a (b) C o m p u t e the r e l a t i o n yields previously examples obtained by (***), show that theorem in the literature. 1). The t h e o r e m F - s y s t e m as in not say that we c a n solve p r o b l e m Still v a r i o u s in (a) C o m p u t e of these p r o b l e m s D 4 .

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