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By Tammo Tom Dieck

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This ebook is written as a textbook on algebraic topology. the 1st half covers the fabric for 2 introductory classes approximately homotopy and homology. the second one half provides extra complex purposes and ideas (duality, attribute periods, homotopy teams of spheres, bordism). the writer recommends beginning an introductory path with homotopy concept. For this function, classical effects are awarded with new hassle-free proofs. then again, you may begin extra frequently with singular and axiomatic homology. extra chapters are dedicated to the geometry of manifolds, phone complexes and fibre bundles. a unique characteristic is the wealthy provide of approximately 500 routines and difficulties. numerous sections contain subject matters that have now not seemed ahead of in textbooks in addition to simplified proofs for a few vital effects. must haves are normal element set topology (as recalled within the first chapter), user-friendly algebraic notions (modules, tensor product), and a few terminology from class concept. the purpose of the booklet is to introduce complex undergraduate and graduate (master's) scholars to uncomplicated instruments, strategies and result of algebraic topology. adequate heritage fabric from geometry and algebra is incorporated. A book of the ecu Mathematical Society (EMS). allotted in the Americas by way of the yank Mathematical Society.

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Topological Spaces S Proof. B/ is open, since la is a homeomorphism. B/ D AB is a union of open sets. Let U be open. U / is open, by definition of the quotient topology. 2) Proposition. 1/ Let H be a subgroup of the topological group G. Let the set G=H of cosets gH carry the quotient topology with respect to p W G ! G=H , g 7! gH . Then l W G G=H ! x; gH / 7! xgH is a continuous action. 2/ G=H is separated if and only if H is closed in G. In particular, G is separated if feg is closed. 3/ Let H be normal in G.

A; b/ 7! b//; and homotopies f t ; g t induce a homotopy f t ^g t . Unfortunately, there are point-set topological problems with the associativity of the smash product (see Problem 14). X; A/ of topological spaces consists of a space X and a subspace A. X; A/ ! Y; B/ between pairs is a map f W X ! A/ B. 2/. A homotopy H in this category is assumed to have each H t a morphism of pairs. 2/ for the homotopy category. X; A/ is a pair, we usually consider the quotient space X=A as a pointed space (A identified to a point) with base point fAg.

Remove a point from the torus S 1 S 1 and show that the result is h-equivalent to S 1 _S 1 . Is there an analogous result when you remove a point from S m S n ? 10. Construct an inclusion A X which is a retract and a homotopy equivalence but not a deformation retract. 11. Construct a map p W E ! b/ are contractible but which does not have a section. Construct an h-equivalence p W E ! B which has a section but which is not shrinkable. 12. What is the sum of two objects in TOPK ? What is the product of two objects in TOPB ?

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