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By Chris Cummins, Patrick Griffiths

ISBN-10: 0748616314

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This ebook i purchased for a process my M.A. learn .it is a truly great booklet in its field.i suggest it to an individual who's really expert in linguistics ,in specific ,in semantics .it is brief and provided in a very easy language .it comprises nine the tip of every bankruptcy ,you locate workouts and thier solutions are on the finish of the ebook.

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1). 2)). 19). 20) a. b. c. d. Moira has arrived in Edinburgh. Moira is in Edinburgh. Moira has arrived in Edinburgh ⇒ Moira is in Edinburgh *Moira has arrived in Edinburgh and she is not in Edinburgh. 20b) is also true (provided it is the same Moira and the same city). 20c) as a statement about entailment. 20d). 20d) is true, it entails the proposition expressed by a non-negative version of the and … clause. Tacking on the negative clause yields a contradiction. 20a). 21) a. Moira has arrived in Edinburgh ⇒ Moira is not in Birmingham b.

1. 2. 3. 4. The students liked the course. The students loved the course. The rain stopped. The rain ceased. Recommendations for reading Worthwhile textbooks offering more detail are Kearns (2000) and Saeed (2003). Both include introductions to formal semantics, Kearns’s being particularly good in this respect. Cruse (2000) offers many interesting insights into word meanings. Blakemore (1992), chapter 4, sets out the three stages of interpretation: literal meaning, explicature, implicature. Grundy (2000) is an accessible book on pragmatics.

Deixis is an abstract noun corresponding to the adjective deictic. 2 Adjective meanings Overview Cruse (2000: 289) notes that adjective meanings are often onedimensional. Think of pairs like thin–thick, fast–slow, cool–warm, young–old, true–false. Thickness concerns only a minor dimension, not length or width; for speed, one can ignore temperature, height, age; and so forth. This makes adjectives a good starting point for trying to understand word meaning. This chapter concentrates on various kinds of meaning relationship between adjectives, mainly relationships of similarity and oppositeness.

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An Introduction to English Semantics and Pragmatics (Edinburgh Textbooks on the English Language) by Chris Cummins, Patrick Griffiths

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